RainMan Pro

Super Memory, Fast Calculations & Impossible Predictions

RainMan Pro is a Powerful Tool for Serious Mentalists & Magicians

Moustapha Berjaoui

"I have been fascinated by lighting calculators, those people who have the ability to perform amazing feats of arithmetic and memory stunts. Hence, the name of the app “RainMan Pro”, was inspired by the movie RainMan. This app will help you appear to be a mathematical wizard and have super memory in front of your audience, in addition to that you'll also be able to predict impossible predictions and much more."

You Can Do

Book Tests
Knight's Tour
Memory Stunts
Fast Calculations
Impossible Predictions
Instant Real Time Peeks
& Much More

Please Note:

Video and audio broadcasting (including TV, Film, Radio and Internet) Performance rights are NOT included with purchase. You can only present this app in any live performance setting. All rights are reserved and available for purchase. Charges do apply, for details please contact us
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